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How it Works

Matching with a nutrition expert is simple.
Select the insurance plan you have, click on the specialty area you need and then find the state you currently live in to narrow down your options. Browse through all the available providers. Once you choose your preferred provider, you can click "contact now" to learn more about them and then schedule a day and time that works best for you. Simple, right?

"We take the diet out of dietitians"

What you won't get while working with a Virtual Nutrition Expert

A one-size-fits all plan
More food rules or requirements for eating

What you will get:

A dietitian who listens to you and understands your unique challenges
A plan that is personalized to fit your needs and goals
Support and accountability
Working with an RD should be as common as seeing your doctor or dentist. We are here to guide you through the journey of navigating nutrition, quieting the diet noise and becoming a more confident, healthier eater
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Private Nutrition Counseling

The initial appointment is approximately 50-60 minutes long. During this time, you will discuss your major concerns, eating habits and areas you would like to work on with your provider.
From there, your dietitian will guide you towards an approach that is personalized, healthy and sustainable - this may include meal planning, behavioral change tips, supplements, testing recommendations, referrals to other providers and additional resources.
Follow-ups are recommended every 1-3 weeks as needed for long-term success. They are vital to monitor progress and make changes as needed. Your follow-up meetings are also when you'll further develop the plan and add more detail.

Test options

We have a variety of testing options available that can be shipped to your home or done through your local lab. Some are covered by insurance when you meet with our in-house nurse practitioner.

Others are not covered by insurance so it's important to discuss these with your provider first to make sure it's helpful and/or necessary.
DNA Testing

A quick and painless cheek swab can uncover a plethora of information regarding potential nutritional deficiencies, how your body responds to eating certain foods and even susceptibility to certain medical issues. 

DUTCH Hormone Testing

This comprehensive urine and saliva test can provide detailed insight about your hormones, cortisol levels and additional metabolites that can affect energy, metabolism, mood, vitality and well-being.
Food Sensitivity Testing (including gluten-sensitivity)

We have various food sensitivity tests that can highlight certain foods your body may not be tolerating well, and therefore, can cause uncomfortable digestion, skin, metabolic, and hormonal issues.

Micronutrient Testing

Before you spend a lot of money on supplements, getting a full micronutrient panel can help narrow down what your body is lacking. Micronutrient testing is not only helpful to determine proper supplement protocols, but to also tailor your personalized nutrition plan.

Stool Testing

If you have already tried conventional gastrointestinal tests like an endoscopy or colonoscopy with nothing to show for it, a stool test provides a more in-depth look at your gut health and potential issues.

Virtual Corporate Nutrition Seminars

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We offer engaging and informative virtual nutrition seminars for large and small companies across the country. Topics can be tailored to the office culture and interest, but will also include turnkey tips that are digestible and important for a healthy, happy office environment.

Questions? We have answers

Will my insurance cover these sessions?
When you book an appointment, you’ll be asked to submit your insurance information. From there, you will hear back before your appointment on general coverage. While we can’t guarantee coverage (as it is always up to the insurance company), we can provide an estimate or idea of what may or may not be covered while working with your RD.
Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the sessions?
We highly recommend compleating our pre-evaluation forms. Not only is this very helpful for the RD you’ll be meeting with, but it gives you a chance to take time and think about what will really help you on this journey.

Other than that, we also encourage sending over any recent labs, food records, or referrals you received from your doctor or therapist.
How many sessions will I need with my RD?
Follow-ups are integral for progress and to get the most value from working with an RD. We don’t require or mandate any set number of follow-ups, but we do recommend meeting at least every 1 to 2 weeks for the first 3 months of your first appointment. Of course, this may not be possible for certain individuals and that’s ok too. The best part is that all treatment timelines are flexible and adjustable to fit your needs.
What if I am not satisfied or unhappy with the dietitian I am matched with?
One of the perks of working with us is that we have a variety of qualified RDs and all have their own individual techniques, specialty areas AND personalities. Nutrition can be very personal and for that reason, finding an RD who meshes with your personality is paramount. If you’re not clicking with your dietitian, you can simply message or email us and we can match you with a better fit. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if that’s the case! It’s important that you connect with the provider to see the maximum benefits.
Is it possible to ever do in-person sessions?
At this time, we are only set-up for virtual visits, except if you live close to the NYC area. Of course, if and when that changes, we will be notifying all of our clients and patients.
How does billing work?
We understand navigating insurance can be quite confusing and overwhelming. Luckily, if you’re using health insurance for your sessions, we will do all the billing for you. We submit claims to your insurance company within a few days of your appointments. Copays and deductibles are charged a few weeks later as we like to wait for the explanation of benefits to come back first before making charges. These charges can be automatically processed using the card you have on file. If you ever have additional billing questions or concerns, you can contact us at any time and someone will assist you promptly!
What happens if I need to cancel or can’t make an appointment?
Emergencies happen and we try to be as understanding and accommodating as possible. We do have a 24 hour cancellation policy in order to respect the time of our practitioners and other clients who are trying to schedule appointments as well. That said, if something unexpected or emergent comes up, we just ask that you notify us as soon as possible. Otherwise, we appreciate that you keep all your scheduled appointment times to the best of your ability.

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If you’re struggling to eat and feel healthy, you’re not failing. The information and guidance you’ve received is failing you. Get the help you deserve!
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