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  • Working with the staff and nutritionists at here has been extremely rewarding! I've been able to develop an authentic relationship with my nutritionist during our time working together. She's gotten to know me personally, helped craft realistic goals based on where I'm at and has challenged me throughout the journey. I look forward to each of our sessions, because I know she'll encourage me to make healthy decisions.
    – Elyse G.
  • I highly recommend Virtual Nutrition Experts. I have been meeting with my RD for almost 2-years. She is a great communicator and provides information, guidance, and individual support, which compliments my goals, personality, and lifestyle. My questions are always answered in a way I can understand, and I am never judged. I am so glad I chose this practice for all my nutrition needs.
    – Louise S
  • I was a little nervous talking to a nutritionist for the first time but she made me feel so comfortable and at home. She's been truly supporting in the months we've been working together and instrumental in helping me figure out meal plans with a busy schedule - as well as working through habits and mindsets.
    – Alexandra S.
  • Loving my appointments so far. They take a wholistic approach to your nutrition and health, instead of just telling you what food groups to put on your plate or to simply cut out entire foods. I better understand how food works in my body in coordination with activity, sleep, mental health and overall health and wellness. I’m so glad I found them. They are helping me heal and improve my relationship with food and my body.
    – Liz L.
  • Finding a dietitian who understands, listens, advises, and cares for with patience and encouragement is not easy. I'm so grateful I was recommended this group to work with in my recovery; the dietitians here play such a large role in my recovery story.
    – Bailey W.

When working with one of our licensed nutritionists, you’ll get:

Personalized recommendations
Tools that will last you a lifetime
Meal planning tips & recipes
Support and accountability

Feel radiant!

Nutrition coaching is not a luxury, it’s a necessity and should be accessible and affordable to all.
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Tips for eating out & recipe ideas
Eating while traveling recommendations
Strategies for emotional or stress eating
Exercises to improve body image
Mindful eating techniques

What to expect

The initial appointment is about 50-60 minutes and is spent sharing your history, concerns and what you would like to work on.

From there, your RD will provide feedback and tips, while crafting a customized plan to walk away with. We recommend meeting with your dietitian every 1 to 2 weeks after your first appointment to track progress, ask questions, continue to work on relationship with food and behavioral changes, as well make tweaks to the plan as needed

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If you’re struggling to eat and feel healthy, you’re not failing. The information and guidance you’ve received is failing you. Get the help you deserve!
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